We're officially on Spotify! 🎉 Whoop! Now, you can tune in to the latest podcasts and quirky shenanigans by your favourite people at City Music Singapore right on your Spotify app! 🥳 #supportlocal ayy lmao In this week, we have Elvin and Rusdi to break down the be-dok, be-dok, be-dok (beat of our heart). They tackle on the Korg portable analog synths, specifically the Korg #VolcaDrum and #VolcaBeats (respectively)! Can't forget the must-have mid-podcast choco-pie break! Did you get a luxurious taste of Mcdonald's choco-pie when it was available? If you didn't, pop down a visit to City Music Singapore's showroom where we have a macca's right down the corner 😜

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